Updates to Domestic Violence Shelter

June 6, 2021

After a year of operating under serious restrictions, we’re thrilled to announce that as of Friday, June 11, our shelter will be opening back up to full capacity once more. Because of the health crisis, we’ve been open but at half capacity, placing some families into motel rooms as needed, to keep everyone safe and healthy.

In addition to the shelter being open to full capacity, our groups will now be open to full capacity. We were having clients call to reserve a spot for each group they wanted to attend, due to limited space, and will no longer need to do this under the new guidelines.

We will continue to wear masks and require others in the shelter and groups to do so based on CDC guidelines for congregate settings.

We SO look forward to returning to some semblance of normal after a very long year. We also look forward to more of our volunteers returning, and we thank all those who have helped out by donating PPE, paper goods, and all who’ve been waiting patiently to come back to volunteer doing various needed work at the shelter, including shelter coverage.