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Dove, Inc, is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All candidates must pass a criminal background check and pass a pre-employment drug screen.  Most positions require a valid driver's license. 


Homeward Bound Employment and Life Skills Specialist

Application Deadline: 2022-05-16

The Dove, Inc. Employment and Life Skills Specialist is responsible for implementing a system to deliver programming that pertains to consumer skills, nutrition, wellness, parenting, home management, job readiness, developing resumes, cover letters and assisting clients with obtaining permanent employment. The specialist will work with the Housing Advocates to identify barriers and create a service plan with goals and outcomes for clients in the Life Skills group and Jobs Club. The intent is to provide clients with information to make their lives more manageable; to introduce them to the services available to help them achieve their goals; and provide opportunities for practice, feedback and growth.

Attachments for this job posting: 22- HB Emplmnt Life Skills Spec.docx

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Dove, Inc. 302 S. Union Decatur, IL 62522

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Homeward Bound Facilities Manager

Application Deadline: 2022-05-16

The Dove Homeward Bound Facilities Manager will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of residential facilities and offices, through the Dove-Homeward Bound program.

Completes building and grounds tasks, including lawncare, winterizing, janitorial

General upkeep at E. Clay Street and scattered residential sites owned/operated by Dove

Arranges for and/or completes unit move in/out 7-day turnaround occupancy preparation, including cleaning, painting, carpeting shampoo, etc.

Meet with landlords, property owners as necessary.

Conducts the Move-In/Move out/ Housing Quality Inspection process for re-occupancy.

Coordinates the scheduling of vehicle maintenance appointments.

Responds to Emergency on-call service requests (no heat, blown fuse, water leak, etc.)

Meet with vendors and coordinate services.

Overseeing contract jobs when professional repairs are necessary.

Conducting routine inspections of premises and equipment and maintaining records of required inspections.

Oversees ordering of maintenance supplies for the upkeep & maintenance of vehicles, and offices.

Coordinating and moving donations

Arrange for completion of maintenance requests, as needed for repairs

Meet with other agency housing inspectors and follow recommended protocol

Assist maintenance staff with projects at the S. Union location

Keep accurate records of maintenance tasks needed, requested, and completed

Attachments for this job posting: 2022 Dove-Homeward Bound Facilities Manager.docx

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Please print the application and send a signed original copy to:

Dove, Inc. 302 S. Union Decatur, IL 62522

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