News effective March 17, 2020

March 3, 2020


COVID-19 virus – The CDC and State of Illinois recommendations have left most of us dealing with unprecedented issues we have not had to face before due to COVID-19. Dove is  trying to do our best as we comply with the State and Federal requirements on these issues.


We are taking this matter very seriously and want to do all that we can to help the situation. As of March 17 through March 31, Dove will be operating only by phone.


From our Homeward Bound Program –  If you or someone you know is experiencing a homeless issue, please call 217.619.5742. Walk-ins are suspended until further notice but in-person intakes will be scheduled as deemed necessary.


From the Domestic Violence Program - The hot-line numbers are:

217.423.2238 - Macon County

217.935.6072 - DeWitt County

217.774.4888 - Shelby County

217.728.9334 - Moultrie County

217.762.2122 - Piatt County


To our RSVP Volunteers --- Many agencies or organizations are evaluating what is best for them with regards to the COVID-19 virus. If you are uncomfortable serving at this time, please give your station or us a call to let them know you are not available. If you expect to continue serving be sure to check in with them to determine if they are carrying on as usual or if there are changes you need to be aware of. We encourage all volunteers to follow their health care providers’ instructions on what is best for them.


Dove Financial Assistance program is closed due to Northeast Community Funds inside services closure.


Due to school closures, the BABES program will not be able to make presentations.  The Children’s Clothing Room is closed.  Dove staff members will not be attending any neighborhood groups should they be meeting or any community meetings at this time.


Dove is not accepting items for donations.  We are not hosting any meetings or events and no visitors are allowed in the facilities.  We will keep you updated to changes. Thanks for your cooperation in trying to keep everyone safe while meeting the needs of our clients and staff.