City of Decatur in partnership with Dove Financial Assistance to assist residents with COVID Relief Program

December 12, 2020

The City of Decatur in partnership with Dove Financial Assistance will assist City of Decatur residents with rental/mortgage and utility assistance beginning 8:00 am on December 14th at the Decatur Civic Center, first floor classroom by appointment only. 

Residents who have experienced income loss to the COVID-19 pandemic may schedule an appointment by calling 217-619-9108 to pick up and/or drop off your completed application with Dove Financial Assistance to apply for one time assistance in the form of a grant.  Payments will be made directly to the vendor (landlord, mortgage company, utility—gas and electric).

City of Decatur residents must present documentation of need, be income eligible, proof that they have indeed been effected financially by the coronavirus pandemic and live in the City of Decatur.

Applications will be available on line at:  link here from home page or DFA Program page.    For information about the program contact Pastor Shane Hartman, Dove Financial Assistance Director at 217-619-9108.

For more information contact Richelle D. Irons @ 217-424-2864 for more information.