Leadership Team

Barbara Blakey

Director of Volunteers and Community Relations

Teri Ducy

Domestic Violence Program Director

Darsonya Switzer

Homeward Bound Program Director

Tamara Wilcox

Executive Director

Homeward Bound Program

Mary Miller

Administrative Assistant

Thalassa Peck

Housing Advocate

Ashley Garner

Coordinated Entry/Outreach Coordinator

Kendra Warnsley

Client Services Coordinator

Daciena Simmons

Children's Specialist

Jalisa McClennon

Coordinated Entry / Outreach Specialist

Kelsey Wolfe

Coordinated Entry/Outreach Specialist

Tracey Green

Housing Advocate

Tyonna Adams

Housing Advocate

Cynthia Thomas

Life Skills and Employability Coordinator

LeAnn Ellis

Housing Advocate

Chalanda Woods

Housing Properties and Inspections Manager

Joseph Vargas

HMIS Administrator

Jodie Johnson

Employability Specialist

Chynna Shields

Special Programs Housing Advocate

Shantell Brady

Housing Advocate

DFA - Dove Financial Assistance

Rev. Shane Hartman

Program Director

Charvelle Dees

DFA Program Specialist

Kim McCormick

DFA Program Specialist


Charlie Gillaspie

RSVP / SCP Director

Kimberly McCormick

RSVP DeWitt County Coordinator

Paula Owens

RSVP Program Specialist

Kathy Walters

Senior Companion Program Coordinator

Domestic Violence Program - Certified Trainers

Jared Bohland

Client Services Coordinator

Joyce Kirkland

Youth and Family Services Coordinator

Finance Department

Sara Ganiere

Finance Administrator

Melissa Girardi

Finance Specialist

Dove Support Staff


Property Maintenance Specialist

Holly Gulick

HR Specialist

Community Services Program, Outreach to Neighborhoods and BABES, Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies

Barbara Blakey covering during this COVID time frame

BABES Program Coordinator

Barbara Blakey covering during this COVID time frame

Community Services Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator

Domestic Violence Program Staff

The staff of the Domestic Violence Program chooses not to be listed.