Dove Staff

Executive Staff Team Members

Barbara Blakey

Chief Communications Officer

Darsonya Switzer

Chief Executive Officer

Dove Program Leadership Team

Molly Tenuto

DFA Program Director

Sandy Laesch

BABES Program Coordinator - Interim

LeAnn Ellis

Neighborhood Services Coordinator

Angie Williams

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Director & Christmas Care and Share Coordinator


Homeward Bound Program Director

Joyce Kirkland

Domestic Violence Program Director

Homeward Bound Program Team Members

Mary Miller

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Carr

Housing Advocate

Ashley Garner

Coordinated Entry / Outreach Lead

Kendra Warnsley

Client Services Supervisor

Daciena Simmons

Life Skills and Children's Services Supervisor


Special Programs Housing Advocate


Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate


Coordinated Entry & Outreach Specialist

Nisaa Malik

Coordinated Entry / Outreach Specialist


Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate

Tyesha Ashford

Permanent Supportive Housing Advocate

Shea Campbell

HMIS Administrator

Tracey Green

Housing Advocate

Rich Hutchison

Multi-Site Facilities Specialist

Sharon Bunch

Macon County CoC Community Resource Coordinator

Allison Manning

SIU Case Manager / SOAR Coordinator

DFA Program Team Member

Charvelle Dees

DFA Macon County Program Specialist

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Team Members

Kathy Walters

Macon County Coordinator

Silvia Comfort

RSVP DeWitt County Coordinator

Domestic Violence Program - Certified Trainers

Joyce Kirkland

Program Director / Lead Facilitator

Jamie Houchins

Victim Advocate

Finance Department Team Members

Melissa Girardi

Finance Administrator

Becca Gorman

Finance Manager

Dove Administration Team

Christina Owens

HR Administrator

Kevin Cox

Facilities Managers

Domestic Violence Program Staff

The staff of the Domestic Violence Program chooses not to be listed.