NNO is the one time each year the nation asks everyone to get out of your homes, spend the evening in your yard talking to neighbors. With your porch light on you can light up the night to say good bye to crime. Please show your support by turning your porch lights on for the evening.

Locally, many of the neighborhoods are busy planning their collaborative activities for the Decatur National Night Out event. This year=s NNO will be Tuesday, August 5th from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Along with the many neighborhood events, the NNO Committee has been planning their Caravan Event since the beginning of the year. They will take the caravan to three events, each event will have an array of activities, entertainment, and good food to delight the participants.

The 3 stops will be in the following parks, George Coates Park (Greenwood Neighborhood), Garfield Park, and Fans Field Park. Each neighborhood organization and its members that are closest to these parks are asked to participate and promote the Anti-Crime effort that goes on in all our neighborhoods. This is directed at neighborhood residents in our city and encouraging them to work with the Police and the city Government in an effort to continue to decrease the crime in Decatur.

So please choose what Park you would like to visit and join in on the fun

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