On April 20th Vera Bright, an RSVP volunteer from Clinton, received the Governor’s Volunteer Service award for outstanding volunteer service in her community. Vera along with her sister and niece, Kayla Bateson and Anna Hensley, traveled with DeWitt County RSVP Coordinator, Sheryl Whisman, and RSVP Program Director, Charlie Gillaspie, to the Hoogland Center for the Performing Arts in Springfield where they attended the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award program for 2015.

Vera was honored as one of 24 individual and 4 business recipients from the state of Illinois for her service to the local community. She was one of only two seniors from the East Central Illinois area to be given this award. According to Scott McFarland, Executive Director of Serve Illinois, “The work that these individuals and businesses do make the lives of thousands better. We are honored to have the opportunity to highlight their service.”

With the budget cuts that are currently underway, volunteers work is even more important today than before. Volunteers in our area assist in keeping hundreds of seniors and disabled people in their homes. We congratulate Vera on her accomplishment and thank her for her dedication to volunteerism!

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