On April 3, 2015, Good Friday, Governor Rauner cut $26 million dollars from more than twenty programs within the IL Dept of Human Services and Public Health. Dove, Inc. received a suspension notice for our Community Services Grant. On May 8, Dove, Inc. received official notice that the funds, minus a 2.25% reductions, would be returned on the grants.

Dove was able to bring the Program Director of the program back on staff and to continue with the functions of the program. Because of the funding cut, one staff member is still laid off.

Dove’s Community Services / Decatur Area Project (DAP) helps neighborhoods organize to advocate for services and address issues happening within their boundaries. CS/DAP works with the city of Decatur to organize neighborhood walks and the Annual National Night Out.

The future of the program will be determined as the State of Illinois 2016 Budget is place.



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