The 2018 Point in Time Study will be conducted on Thursday, January 25, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. This study is conducted every year, to count the area homeless individuals. This is required by HUD with criteria for homelessness defined by HUD. We are seeking your help to bring awareness of these vital issues to our county.

This study initiates from the Homeless Council Continuum of Care and is performed by agency staff and community volunteers. Surveys will be conducted at area agencies that serve and at locations known to be occupied by homeless individuals and families.

The Point In Time results are utilized by members of the Homeless Council in reporting need, applying for grants and developing programs to meet the needs of Macon County citizens. The results will be released at a March 22 Community Breakfast.

The Homeless Council is made up of agencies, businesses, congregations and individuals who work with the issues surrounding homelessness or choose to work toward ending homelessness.

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